Web Payment SDK Issue

I have been following the “Take a Card Payment with Web Payments SDK” guidelines and have not been able to get beyond step 4. I tested the code example using my credentials and get an error: “ applicationId and/or locationId is incorrect ”.

I have reset the applicationID and tried to reset the locationId but get an error when I try to reset the locationId. I continue to get the error “Failed to reset MCC. Please try again at a later time”.

Both of the forms, the index.html and the code example, display the “Pay” button but not the “Card number MM/YY CVV Zip” div.

What is the location_id and application Id that you are getting this error with?

APP ID = sandbox-sq0idb-KMTkqQ8dkYNA3FXJlaVEWg
Location = LD3P1TXD5EQS9

Bryan - Did you get the information from me that you requested? I am still on hold in getting our new web functional until I can get through this issue. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi @bayouyogi, I’m not seeing any obvious errors in the logs. Nor should you need to reset the location or change the MCC. What type of testing environment are you using? Is it localhost? If not does your environment have a security certificate?

I am developing in a localhost environment on Windows.

Okay, great. At this point would you mind providing the snippet of code that you are using so I can try to replicate.