Using Square to take CC payments in my shopify store

HI there…I’m Suzanne and I’m new to this forum.

Can anyone tell me if they use Square in their shopify store to take CC payments?

I have only send a link in the past to a customer and it worked fine but would rather have a more seamless solution. Square mentioned adding a “button” to my cart but I have no clue how to do this.

Shopify chat seemed to think a developer could integrate this in the background.

I am clueless about coding so would need help.
All responses/advice will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Suzanne, welcome to the forums!

As far as I can see, we do not have any formal integrations with Shopify (you can see full list here: Square App Marketplace). With that said, regarding the “button”, I think Square may have been referring to the Square Checkout Links, which supports an embed button. Basically, a customer can click the link (or button), and they will be redirected to a Square-hosted page to enter their payment information.

As for the development side, it most likely is possible; we support a wide range of APIs that would enable you to take payments as well as do other things, but it would require coding work since there’s not an existing integration unfortunately. Typically these integrations are built by developers, or teams, outside of Square and added to the above Square App Marketplace.

Hi sjosey,

Thanks for this.
How would I embed the button into my shopify store?

Is it straightforward? I’m not techy at all and no clue re coding.


Honestly I’m not familiar with Shopify so I wouldn’t be able to provide great details on that. The code we provide for the button is literally just something you would copy and then you should be able to paste in your website, but I would suggest asking Shopify how to paste in HTML code for an additional button. I did find this page which may help: Using the rich text editor · Shopify Help Center, but no guarantees if this is the correct way to do it since this is outside my domain.

Thanks so much for your help.

I’ll go back to them with this.

Dizzy from going round in circles lol

Have a good weekend

Hi Suzanne,

I was also facing the issue regarding the payment gateway integration. Having too much trouble, one of my friends wrote an article on Shopify integration with detailed instructions, which I found very useful. After reading this blog, I hope you and everyone can also find their solutions.


Thanks friend,

I’m a new Shopify developer and started to work on my 1st Shopify multivendor marketplace and faced the same issue. Now it’s resolved.