Two time verification


I am integrating 3DS and I’m using the payment form’s verifyBuyer(…) call to get the additional verification token that will be needed for performing 3DS authenticated transaction. In verifyBuyer(…) call there is an “intent” field which should be set to “STORE” for saving a user’s card, or to “CHARGE” for an immediate charge.
The problem is that I want to first save the card, and then charge the card.

I need to know, will the two separate pop ups be generated for verification, one for card storage and other for transaction? And Will I receive two separate tokens?

Can I use the nonce generated by the payment form to store the card on file, and do the verify user for the “CHARGE” intent and use the card-on-file ID and the (“charge”) verificationResult when creating the payment?

With 3DS you’ll need to call verifyBuyer with each intent for storing and charging the card on file. This will ask the customer enter the verification information twice. This is cause the customer is present. Any future card payments with the stored card on file you’ll call CreatePayment with the card_id and customer_id to process the payment. :slightly_smiling_face: