How to store credit card on charge using verifyBuyer 'CHARGE

I have a credit card addition as a separate step in the flow. That means I’m store credit cards via using verifyBuyer ‘STORE’. To use the saved credit cards for future transactions.

As I understand it right (correct me if I’m wrong), I can and should verify credit cards on their creation by running 3d Secure verification.

There are two things I’m not sure about:

  1. Should I even run 3d Secure verification when adding a credit card using verifyBuyer ‘STORE’?
  2. After store credit card first and run 3d Secure verification when Charge using verifyBuyer ‘CHARGE’.

If yes that’s means verifyBuyer popup show two times, first for store credit card and second for Charge. Please verify the this process?

There is any option to store credit card on Charge?

You are correct, when the customer is present during checkout you’ll need to call verifyBuyer twice. Once when storing and a second to charge the stored card on file. We understand that this can be confusing to the customer and are working on making this better. :slightly_smiling_face: