Transaction.product field replacement in new API

Deprecated Transaction object has product field that can help to derminate source of transaction. I guess that Order.source field in new API has the same meaning but in API Explorer Order.source is omitted in the response.
AM i right that Order.source has the same meaning with Transaction.product?
What field i can use instead of old Transaction.product?

Transaction object:
Order object:

Sergey - it’s not currently in the Payments API, but I’d be interested in learning more about how you were using that field in the Transactions API. It’s something we’re considering adding.

Hi Chris.
Basically we use that field to understand source of transaction and to choose way of next processing of it.


Gotcha. Can you tell me a bit more about your application - what it does and the types of sellers that use it? What do you do differently in your application based on the value of the Transaction.product field.

If this is confidential or sensitive information, feel free to DM me (click on my name and then click the message icon)

Our application is a synchronization tool between accounting platforms and payment processors, e.g. QuickBooks and Square.
Based on Transaction.product we can show accurate type of transaction for our clients(e.g. Cash Payment, Online Store Payment ect.) and according to type we can do different logic(e.g. Cash Paymnents don’t have fee so in that case we create only income transaction)

This is our app:

Sorry for delay :slight_smile:

Would it be accurate to state that for sellers using multiple Square products, there is value in being able to segment revenue sources by Square product for analytics & reporting (BI)?

Yes, kind of. Our customers can filter their data according to transaction types that we display for them and this behavior allows as to add some extra reporting features.