Tracking subscribers and in-store purchases


we power a subscription program with Square payments for a coffee shop with 5 locations. We want to measure if having subscribers leads to more in-shop purchases by subscribers.

They have subscribers that pay through the payments API and the customers are on their Square.

When they come to redeem, they also might purchase an additional item at the shop.

  1. Is there a way we can track a purchase at the location and have it automatically assigned to a customer that was created beforehand? I think it does this automatically unless they pay with Apple pay or would it work with Apple pay if it’s the same credit card?

  2. Is there some way in the seller’s dashboard, where can analyze this type of data: subscriber = true, the amount spent at the location, the number of orders made per subscriber/customer?

If the customer is already in the Directory and using a known payment method that’s already associated to the profile we will associate the payment with the customer. We try to do our best to match existing customers to sales.

Apple pay and Google pay will look like a new customer since they’re passing a different card number to Square. If an existing customer has been added to a previous sale on the sellers account then we will associate that customer to the sale.

Lastly, for reporting there isn’t a report in the Seller Dashboard with this data but you can filter on the customer in the Transactions section of the Dashboard and export the results as needed. :slightly_smiling_face: