Successfully processed payment, now what

I testing out how to take a credit card payment, I’ve been experimenting with the csharp_payment example from GitHub.

I pretty much understand what’s happening, except at the end. After the credit card is successfully processed, the sample updates the “payment-flow-message” message area with a “Payment successful” message, then ends.

I don’t see anything would cause the SquareUp code that’s processing the payment to allow me to move on with the check out process after the payment has been successfully processed. Like either fire a Javascript event on the page that I can handle, or invoke another web page, etc. I also didn’t see any fields in the CreatePaymentRequest object that would allow me to specify a webpage to invoke. Nor have I been able to find anything in the documentation that talks about how to take this next step.

What am I missing? I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.


Our payment examples just process a simple payment. Once you get the payment response you can then direct your customer however it best fits your business need. This can be directing them to a confirmation screen or to whatever page you want them to go too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing so involves having to edit a SquareUp provided Javascript file. From the maintenance viewpoint, that kinda sucks. If SquareUp ever updates that file, we now have to actually remember that the file was customized and customize the new version of the file accordingly. It would be nicer if SquareUp had coded the file to fire appropriate events which we could then process without having to actually go in and modify file(s) that they provided.