Subscribed to order.created event but notifications are only for Square online orders, not including the ForHere orders

Hi there,

We have a merchant to add subscriptions for us as developer and registered the order.created, updated, fulfillment updated events.

However, all the orders are for = Square Online.

We are looking for in store / Dine in / Forhere orders. We don’t see any places to have that setting to exclude dine in orders.

Need urgent help!!! thank you.

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At this time creating an order in the Point of Sale app will not publish these events. Only orders created with the API will trigger order webhook events at this time. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this and hope to have more for you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Bryan,

Thank for your quick response.

Then could you advice what should we do to get the ForHere orders as a developer?

One thing we could do is to constantly to poll data from square api which we could see all orders. Could you suggest what would be the filter we could apply to get the dine in orders only for the last 1 mins, suppose we will poll every one min. We noticed that for dine in order, there is a field called ticket_name. The ticket name and source seems like exclusive to each other. Source is for online order. Ticket_name is for Forhere order only, it could contain the table or the customer name.

Could you show us how to poll for orders newly created and the source field is empty, which means it is dine in order?


At this time the ability to get orders that aren’t paid for with the API isn’t currently available. Only orders created with the API or POS orders that are fully paid for will be available with our APIs at this time. :slightly_smiling_face:

We understood that only paid orders we could retrieve. I am wondering what filter I could use to retrieve the for here orders that were placed and paid in the last five minutes that has a ticket_name = ‘Table 22’.

Could you share us the query in the api? Like the timeframe params and values, and if we are able to filter based on the ticket_name?

We get the for here order notification with printer emulation option, this option doesn’t get the square order id, but we could get the ticket_name. I need to get the order detail via ticket_name within the matching timeframe


At this time the ticket_name isn’t available in the order object. We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face: