Squareup scope list for developer app


When creating a webhook from an app for a merchant account, I’m stuck.
Please provide a list of all the scopes needed to create a webhook using a developer app.

Adding the “DEVELOPER APPLICATION WEBHOOKS WRITE” has already been tried, but it hasn’t been successful.

Hi @nitisha! Are you attempting to call the Webhook Subscriptions API via OAuth? Since webhooks are scoped at the application level, you’ll need to use your application’s personal access token instead.

@josh-square does that mean you can only get web hook events from your own catalog for example? How would I go about getting triggers sent to me when a merchant who has authorized my app has updated their catalog?

If your application is subscribed to webhook events you will get events from other sellers that are OAuth’d to your application. :slightly_smiling_face:

Appreciate it Thank you