Square Payment Page Single Element ZIP/Postal code

Hi there.

I have two questions regarding the single element form.

  1. We have this form implemented for customers in Canada. As usage shows, people are confused by the field ‘ZIP’ as it is called ‘Postal’ in Canada. Around 30% of people are confused with this wording, which turns into bad user experience. Is there any way to change that as it is generated from your servers?

  2. Is there any info on availability of Apple Pay with it?

Thank you

  1. Are you talking about the placeholder text? You can change that in the Javascript code: https://developer.squareup.com/docs/payment-form/payment-form-walkthrough#build-a-single-element-payment-form-beta
      postalCode: {
          elementId: 'sq-postal-code',
          placeholder: 'Postal'
  1. Apple Pay is a stand-alone functionality, and can be used anywhere (or even alone). Let me know if you have issues with setting it up, though.
  1. you copied from what says “Replace the JavaScript code that defined the following payment card form fields:” which is transforming into the single element.
  2. I guess that I’ve misread this

This guide also makes the following assumptions:

  • You are not integrating Apple Pay with the single-element payment form (beta).

I’ll try it then with a single element.

Please let me know what can be done with the first issue?


Ah, my apologies. You are correct, it seems this is not currently possible in the single card element.

As for the Apple Pay, sorry I wasn’t clear: technically speaking, you can create a new instant of SqPaymentForm that supports just Apple Pay. It would look the same on the UI, but it can’t be used in the same object as the single card element, that is true.