Square payment module for Prestashop webhook test fail

I am trying to configure the Square payments module for Prestashop, however every time I send a test event from Square it fails with the following error:

503 Service Unavailable
Webhooks Notification URL endpoint returned non-2xx status of 503.
2022-01-08 15:02:23

According to the documentation…

If webhooks are not working, please check the following:

  1. PrestaShop is running on a secure SSL server (for example Ngrok, or another
    application) instead of localhost machine
  2. You have entered the correct information in the application ID and application secret.
  3. Make sure you’ve entered the correct webhooks URL in the Square developer
  4. Make sure you are enabling the “Connect V2 Webhooks” on the webhooks tab of your
    Square application.
  5. On production, make sure the webhooks URL is being entered correctly as a
    notification URL in the developer dashboard on the webhooks tab.

I’ve checked all these and as far as I can tell everything is correct, so I’m stumped.

I’m running Prestashop on TSOHost.


:wave: What events were you testing when you got this error and is it still failing? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing the Info, I will try to figure it out.

So this happens when I’m trying to set up the Square module for Prestashop on the Square Developer side. I get as far as the bit where it tells me that to activate webhooks I have to send a test event (any). I get the same result regardless of which test event I choose from the list.

503 Service Unavailable
Webhooks Notification URL endpoint returned non-2xx status of 503.

I’ve tried ignoring the fact that it failed and continuing with the set up, transferring the webhook signature key to the PS module and testing webhooks from there, however I just get an error message: Webhooks are not working. Please try again. Review the documentation for webhook troubleshooting tips. As previously mentioned I have checked all the tips and as far as I can tell all the criteria are met. I’m not an experienced web developer so at this point I am stumped.

I really want to use Square as my preferred payment method for my customers so I’d love to get this working.

Thanks for providing the additional information. This error is letting us know that the URL that’s configured isn’t returning the correct response. Have you confirmed that the URL that’s configure is correct. Also it’s definitely worth reaching out to Prestashop and letting them know your getting this error. :slightly_smiling_face:

This screenshot shows the PS module config page on my sites backend and the endpoint details on the Square developer site, they’re definitely the same URL.

Looking at our logs we are sending the webhook event however the site that is configured to receive the event isn’t responding with a 2xx within 10 seconds and that’s why this error is happening. At this point you will need to reach out to Prestashop and let them know that you confirmed the configuration and that the events are being sent. They will need to check to see why the URL you are being asked to configure isn’t retuning a 2xx response. Please feel free to reference this Forum thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am having the exact same issue it seems. Has there been any movement on this. I’m stuck at this same point in setting up the Square Up Payment module for Prestashop


Have you reached out to Prestashop about the issue? They’re the ones that will be able to help with this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: