Square Google Pay not returning token

Hi Everyone, I am using square up in my.net Core Blazor Application, I am facing an issue while getting payment using Google Pay. I am following this application web-payments-quickstart, Google Pay button successfully renders in my web page but when I click on it I call

**const tokenResult = await googletemp.tokenize();** I am getting token status as ‘Cancel’, google payment sheet is not opening for me as well.

I have tried google button on another website in the same browser itsopening the payment sheet but not in my application. Please help.

:wave: What’s your application ID and what environment are you targeting sandbox or production? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bryan, thanks for your reply I am using sandbox environment and here is my app id : sandbox-sq0idb-_JeFek7UKwE5YWSFUnT7wA

Is this application available so we can inspect the page? Also do you have the steps to reproduce? :slightly_smiling_face:

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This application is not live yet, it on my local machine. I can explain the repro steps.

Is there any way I can show you the code or debugg with you ?

Can you help in this matter, Please?

Is it possible to get the code you’re using to try and replicate it for Google Pay? :slightly_smiling_face: