Square for Restaurants Decimals

My company (a Bakery) has been part of Square for about 8 months, to be honest I tried to find this answer everywhere but couldn’t. I humbly come here to try to understand better one of the key features missing for us to use Square for Restaurants.

POS Limitations: Square for Restaurants lack a feature of allowing the use of decimals numbers, so no items by weight are accepted in the system, it just says “Unsupported”. As per my research this is a requested feature by many business for years, and now with the new interface of Square for Restaurants I really wish this feature would come, any idea on WHY this is not done? Are there any implications of this being implemented?

On the side note, this is a dealbreaker for many businesses and would have been for us, if we were told ahead of time. Now we “adapted” to Point of Sale, but is far from the capabilities of Restaurants.

I apologize if this is not the right place to write this, but I imagine a lot of people would like to know the answer for this as well.

Thank you!

Hey @BBCafe! This community is intended for discussions about Square’s APIs, SDKs, and developer platform. For questions about Square for Restaurants, I recommend reaching out to Square Support, or posting in the Seller Community Forums :slight_smile: