Square credit card input field doesn't showing up

I’ve created Wordpress Custom Theme for online shop project and I’ve used woocommerce plugin to integrate all the functions I need for my product items. I’ve putted woocommerce cart and checkout standard code inside my custom theme cart and checkout one by one. when I setup my woocommerce connection to square payment gateway, I followed the direction I’ve saw in google. so far my checkout form displayed a creditcard payment form but the input box field for the Creditcard number* Expiration date* etc. to input the creditcard information are not showing up.

can anyone help me to figure out the problem here? the goal is to show up the input box field on the creditcard form.

:wave: Although Square integrates with WooCommerce to process payments, the integration is operated and managed by WooCommerce. For this issue of the form fields not showing, you’ll want to submit a ticket with their Support team. :slightly_smiling_face: