Square credit card input field doesn’t showing up

Hey there

I have integrated Square through WooCommerce. The Debit/Credit Card input field is not showing up on the website. The card input field is visible when the user is logged in. I can’t see any of the payment methods offered by Square such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or card payments without logging in.

I have already checked all the solutions on the internet including

  • Update theme, WooCommerce, Square and form plugins

  • All addresses and currencies are the same

Have you reached out to WooCommerce. Although Square integrates with WooCommerce to process payments, the integration is operated and managed by WooCommerce. For help with WooCommerce-specific questions, you’ll need to submit a ticket with their Support team.

The WooCommerce Customer Support team will be able to help you with all Square integration related questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the suggestion!

The issue has been resolved by disabling optimization plugging. In my case, disabling siteGround plugging solved the problem.