Square callback doesn't work after leaving the program running for long duration


I have my own Android application with Square point-of-sale sdk integrated. When a payment is required, our application uses the sdk method to call the Square app to process the payment.

This process works fine if we just started our application. However, if the application has been kept running for a a couple days, the Square callback scheme doesn’t work any more. That is, regardless of onTransaction success or failed in the Square pop-up, it doesn’t call the callback function in my app.

Having been struggling in this issue for a long time. Really appreciate if anyone could help out!

:wave: Could you provide the app Id that you seeing this with and any recent payments that you experienced this with?

The production Application id is sq0idp-DtVePjay1iuJG5wtpFVnuw
The most recent payments that I had issue with are the ones occured at 4:04pm and 4:05pm on Jun 23.