Square App page labels via API

i’m currently displaying a list of categories and items via List Catalog API endpoint without issue, however my customer would like to see the Page Labels and associated items (including respecting the ordering of labels and items) the way they set it up in the POS, but i cant find where this data is stored or if it is available via API query.

Am i just missing something? I thought it might just be local data stored client side however i know that i can log into multiple devices and see the same layout so it must be stored somewhere.


Apologies for the delay. Within a CatalogObject, such as item_variation_data, there is an ordinal field, which will be the order that the items show up within an item. However categories and items do not have this field, so I suspect what you’re looking for is not actually available through the API unfortunately. Please let me know if I misunderstood or if you have additional questions!