Categories in catalog/list api


in catalog/list api
when I use auth token from a sandbox store I can see category_id field in objects of “type”: “ITEM”
also we see objects of type CATEGORY in the response
and when we add param types:‘CATEGORY’ it gives list of categories

BUT when I use auth token of and online ecommerce store the category_id field is missing in the response
also objects of type CATEGORY is missing in the response
and with param types:‘CATEGORY’ the list is empty

Hey there, welcome to Square’s developer forums!

Could you provide a little more info on the auth token you’re using that doesn’t give the response? Is that a token from an app you’ve created?

Also I noticed in your Slack message that you may be looking for the categories used in an Online Store. It’s worth noting that these categories differ from the core item categories used in a seller’s Catalog, and are not available in API responses. If the account you’re querying has Online Store categories, but no categories in their Square Dashboard ( then the response will be empty.

If there’s No Response how do we get the Category value?

At this time the categories for the Online Store items aren’t currently available since they differ from the categories that are created by the Catalog in your Square account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you - I assume with the consolidation of POS and Online Item Categories this would be included in the future.