Set tax total money read only error on line item

I’m adding a line item for the shipping total, and am unable to set the tax as $0 using setTotalTaxMoney on the item (fails with ‘Read-only field is calculated and cannot be set by a client.’), maybe because the entire order’s tax is auto calculated.

Is there another way to add a shipping amount without having that be included in the tax calculation? Or should I not use setAutoApplyTaxes, and instead apply taxes to each item individually?

:wave: Is the shipping amount an actual item in your Catalog or is this an adhoc item? If it’s a variable priced item from the catalog you can configure the item to not include taxes. Otherwise you can add pricing_blocklists with a list of the IDs you want to block from applying to the item. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick response! The shipping item is created with the API during checkout (so adhoc?), not an existing item created from the user dashboard.

I saw the option in the account settings to disable tax on custom amounts but it requires i add a Dining Option

Would it be easier to create an item in the dashboard and add it to the exempt list there? I don’t know what the tax id would be if I used the OrderLineItemPricingBlocklistsBlockedTax list.

You can definitely do either. If you need to get a list of all the tax_ids you can call ListCatalog and set the type to TAX so it will give you a list of taxes associated to your catalog.

Thanks, I got the Tax ID and was able to use the blocklist through the API.

That’s fantastic!!! :smiley:

Thanks. This is what i’m searching.