Checkout API Calculate Tax on Shipping Fee

Utilizing the Checkout API for the generation of a checkout page. Am getting the pages to calculate tax correctly on items utilizing auto_apply_taxes: true, but the tax calculation is only working for Line Items, not Shipping Fees. I can confirm that the account has “Charge taxes on shipping rates” selected, and things work as you would expect in the Square Online store. Just specifically an issue with the Checkout Link, as created by the Checkout API.

Currently working around the issue sending the Shipping Fee as a Line Item - Square treats it like an item and calculates the tax. Is this the only way? Is there some obscure setting somewhere I’m missing? My goal would be to send the shipping charge as a checkout_options → shipping_fee, and the resulting Checkout Link to calculate the tax on it.

Hey @mderoxtro! As far as I know that’d be the only way, but I’ll see if we have any workarounds to suggest.