SearchOrders - retrieve only paid orders

Is there a way to limit the orders returned with the “OPEN” filter to only paid orders? I noticed that abandoned carts are included.

Yes, you should be able to. In the SearchOrders request, there is a query parameter which allows you to filter by state. So for example, you should be able to call SearchOrders with a request like this (HTTP request):

  "location_ids": [
  "query": {
  	"filter": {
  		"state_filter": {
  			"states": [

Edit: Actually, this will return only COMPLETED orders, which while they are paid, an order doesn’t need to be COMPLETED to be paid (so this may miss some - like OPEN, paid orders). In the API today, there is not a way to explicitly search for PAID orders, so I apologize for the confusion.

That unfortunately returns everything that is shipped. I’m looking for orders that have been paid for, but not yet shipped.

I think if I pull all the “OPEN” orders, then in the client code, I can eleminate the ones that are abandoned carts by looking for the existence of the “tenders” field.

Will that work?

That’s a valid approach! Orders with a Tender are either partially paid or fully paid. Currently only Square Invoices are eligible for partial payments, and they do not include shipping fulfillment. Therefore it’s fair to assume that a complete Tender fully pays an order that has a shipping fulfillment.