Search with a text_query filter only of item name

Is there a way for me to query v2/catalog/search with a text_query that only applies to the name?


Name: Dune Frank
Description: Hi There

Name: Mark Jacobs
Description: Dune Frank

I want to search for items that have “frank” in the name, so in the above example I would only want the api to return Item1

but when querying on text_query I would get both items because the word “frank” is in the description of item2

Yes, you can query for items by name. For example:

  "object_types": [
  "query": {
    "prefix_query": {
      "attribute_name": "name",
      "attribute_prefix": "Salad"
  "limit": 100


Hi, the prefix_query searches on the start of the name

So if I have an item with name: “Salad Dressing”

and my query is
“query”: {
“prefix_query”: {
“attribute_name”: “name”,
“attribute_prefix”: “Dressing”

the item would not be in the results. I want to be able to query on “Dressing” and have “Salad Dressing” be one of the item it returns