Sandbox billing frequency not updating total

Sandbox App Id:

Frequency Annual and Monthly are showing the same total.

Monthly subtotal is showing: $1000
Annual subtotal is showing: $1000
Annual subtotal should be: $10,800

Looks like the calculate endpoint may be failing for annual

POST body for successful monthly response:

Thanks for flagging and digging into this already. Is the response you’re seeing for that calculate request a 504?

Hi Josh,
The network error is no longer occurring, but the total is still incorrect for annual

I think there’s some confusion on how it should show here. This looks to be correct. The item that your selecting costs $1000. The frequency at which your choosing to charge that amount is either on a monthly cadence or an annual cadence.

If you want to charge on an annual basis you’ll want to create another item associated to the plan with the correct price of $12,000. Setting a base price for an item like a monthly cadence wont change the amount if you have a different cadence like annual. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Bryan, we’ll re-structure our plans in this way.