Sample VUE application to use Web Payments SDK

Our payment system has stopped suddenly last week and we NEED to make it work ASAP.
As you all know SqPaymentForm is deprecated and the only sample VUE app that Square provided is irrelevant now as its using the old SqPaymentForm here by Tristan Sokol.
Could anybody please make a sample VUE app with the new Web Payments SDK please.

I found this, should be fairly simple to wrap this example in a vue component. hopefully this helps

Also you may want to reference the Migration Guide from the SqPaymentForm to the Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

Already checked the migration guide but didn’t help. too confusing.
I have a PaymentNewCard.vue that used to show a form to get credit card number, expiry and cvv but after SqPaymentForm got deprecated all of a sudden it does not show anything.

here is the template part of the PaymentNewCard.vue:

these two are the script parts of the PaymentNewCard.vue:

call back in the PaymentNewCard.vue:

Any help is highly appreciated.

Any idea if this is the only file I need to change?

This all contains the retired SqPaymentForm. In order to get your application taking payments again you’ll need to follow the migration guide to migrate to the Web Payments SDK. The migration guide contains the specifics about replacing the SqPaymentForm integration in your application with the Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face: