Square web api from SqPaymentForm

Sorry for replying with this question on a different post. i realized i should have started a new topic.
We have a vb.net aspx web site that uses square for credit card payments. we use square sdk 11.0
We have been using the javascript SqPaymentForm in past years. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t supported anymore for we haven’t taken payments since last summer.
Maybe you can help me out on a couple questions. I think i have to convert to the Square Web API. Is it possible to use the new web api to generate the sourceid that is used by the server with the CreatePaymentRequest.Builder with version 11.0?
is there a simple example of how to use this web api to show the credit card form?
in our past aspx form there was a button to validate the card by call the javascript code that called sqPaymentForm.requestCardNonce().
i am not a javascript person, but this was a simple copy of an example.
with the new example using web api, i changed the first script to have src=“web.squarecdn.com/v1/square.js
and i change the second script to be like the example.
i don’t understand what calls the initializeCard(…) in the script to view the card information?
Have been fighting this for a while since i realized that the payments isn’t working and the pool will be opening soon to collect payments.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I was able to get our aspx vb.net 4.7.2 website to use the Square Web SDK and the Square API 11.0.
It required creating a new website from scratch and making the payment in 2 steps.
We were unable to upgrade to the latest API due to other .net constraints.

:wave: I sent you a link in an email to the migration guide. That guide will help you more easily migrate to the Web Payments SDK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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