Rewards / Orders Integration

I’m having some trouble applying rewards to an order. In the particular use case that I am working thru, the customer has enough points two redeem the same reward tier twice. So I build an order with both of those items, and when I apply the reward tier to the order once, only one of the items gets the discount. If I try to apply the reward tier twice, I get the error: "The reward_tier_id: BLAH has already been added to order_id: BLAH".

My guess is that I am missing something obvious here?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible and is documented as one of the limitations:

While redeeming multiple rewards of different tiers on the same order is supported, redeeming multiple rewards of the same tier on the same order is not supported.

So it is! Thanks. Given how often this sort of thing is likely to come up I do not see it as a big limitation. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t handling the APIs incorrectly.

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