Responses not consistent

I’m using the square-php-sdk. I’m not getting responses on some transactions. I discovered that Chrome mobile on iPhone does not get a response, however if you set it to act like a desktop, then it works fine. I’ll have a tablet to test on later today, but I know that Safari is the only browser that works on my iPhone. Without the response I can’t complete the transaction, and I have a lot of mad customers.
Please help,

Is it just on the client side that you aren’t getting the response? Are you seeing the responses sent from Square in the API logs? Also what API call are you not consistently seeing the response from? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I see the transaction in the API logs. I’m using User agent
Square-PHP-SDK/ (2022-08-23) Zend/4.0.22 (Linux-2.6.32-954.3.5.lve1.4.89.el6.x86_64). I’m very perplexed because it works great, but every so often I don’t capture the response. I’m wondering if it could possibly be a timing issue. The code I use works great for several transactions then all of a sudden one fails capturing the response. Every failure that I checked into came from a mobile devise. Not sure where to go from here. :thinking:

Have you looked at implementing a retry method? Transient error can happen which is why we recommend adding a retry method if you don’t get a response from Square. :slightly_smiling_face: