No response from the payment API


For the below 4 payments, our system didn’t get any response from the Square API.

  2. NKDDENW1DKV8fu5pyA2laZ93a4dZY
  3. Lx1A3XV9q0TlSjNBdKmCwtNpnNUZY
  4. hEbrEXoN0XU8yJ55mXTmggm3goXZY

These orders were palced on Sep 26
We are using PHP SDK and I wanted to know if there was any outage or something day which caused happened this.

Can you share some logs or info about this, please?

Unfortunately, API Logs from the 10/26 are more then the visible 28 day. There wasn’t any outage that I’m aware of that day and there’s nothing reported on Square US Status - Incident History. :slightly_smiling_face: