Register/login with order-ahead app using react-native-in-app-payments sdk

Hi All, My goal is to create a react native order ahead app using the react-native-in-app-payments sdk. I am now struggling to understand how my register/login flow is going to relate to the Customers API. There are docs here ( outlining how a simple html form can be used to create a new customer with the Customers API, but it’s not clear to me how or if the Customers API would be part of register/login flow. Do you all have any recommendations regarding how to handle register/login/authentication for a react native app? Should something like AWS’ Cognito be used? Forgive my vagueness or lack of clarity, new to development.

We don’t currently have any formal recommendations on how to handle register/login flows, that’s a bit outside of our scope unfortunately. The Customers API will hold all of a customer’s personal information, but nothing to do with like a password etc, so you would need something separate to handle that at least. I’m not really familiar with AWS Cognito, but at a brief glance it looks like it would work. With the Customer’s API you could save their email address and presumably use that as the login username,

Ok great, thank you!