Refunded tax amount in API Refunds endpoint

Hi I’m pulling down a list of all refunds via the refunds endpoint.
I know that refunds can include a refunded tax amount if the item was taxable. However I’m not seeing the refunded tax amount in the response of the api refunds endpoint.
How should I pull the refunded tax amount via api?


With every refund an order will be created that will have the detailed information like itemization of the refund if it’s an itemized refund. That’s where any taxes returned via refund would be. So from the Refunds API response you can get the order_id for the refund and call the Orders API with it to get the details. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheers Bryan,

Thanks for that explanation.
I also realised that each refund is actually an order with a negative net amount and the tax amount. I didn’t know that before haha.

Cheers and thanks again,