Reasons for terminal.checkout return status's?

Hello again,

Is there a document somewhere that explains the real world reasons for the five possible status webhook returns , PENDING , IN_PROGRESS , CANCEL_REQUESTED , CANCELED , COMPLETED.

I can make assumptions, but these messages are going to guide clerks and I want to make sure I’m absolutely clear what conditions set these various returns.

For example:

Pending means the checkout is shown but no card is inserted?

In progress means the card is inserted and processing is happening

Complete means it’s all good, remove the card save sale have a nice day…

Cancel requested Someone hit the back arrow on the terminal or the POS operator did something.

Canceled - declined card??



:wave: Thanks for pointing out this. At this time the status states mean the following.

  • PENDING the checkout has been created and waiting for the device to present it to the customer
  • IN_PROGRESS the customer has been presented with the checkout and waiting for them to complete the checkout.
  • CANCEL_REQUESTED customer canceled the request.
  • CANCELED request has timed out or been programmatically been canceled.
  • COMPLETED checkout completed successfully. :slightly_smiling_face: