ReaderSDK - Must be bringing up hardware transport when it becomes ready (not Disconnected)

We are getting a fairly frequent crash in our app that uses the ReaderSDK:

Must be bringing up hardware transport when it becomes ready (not Disconnected).

Seems to only occur when the app goes into the background, and the last call in the stack trace is :

  • SquareReaderSDK
    +0x3bf7b4 SQRDCurrencyCodeGetISOCurrencyCode

  • Called from:
    +0x05b60c _dispatch_call_block_and_release

I’m at a bit of a loss, and google doesn’t have much info about it. Any thoughts?

Hey @caleb welcome to the forums.

Apologies for the delay here. Could you please provide your Square application id so we can take a look on our end? I’m not familiar with this crash myself.

No worries, I’m not even entirely sure it’s a ReaderSDK-caused crash, I just started here because the method I mentioned is always the last stop in the crash logs. Also- this is a native iOS/Swift app. I was just kind of wondering if any one else had maybe run across this.

We use three square application id’s based on the environment:

The last is our Production environment, and where the crash is mainly occurring. We’ve not been able to reproduce in our other two environments, but production is by far the most heavily used.

Thanks, we were able to find the crash logs on our side. Out of curiosity, have you been able to come up with reproducible steps? It sounds like it mainly happens when you background the app, but not all the time, right?

@sjosey, sorry for the delay. Yeah, it seems random. I’ve never seen it happen in person. We just started using for our crash reporting and that’s when we found it. There does not appear to be any discernible pattern other than the app going into the background. I suspect they all had square readers connected, but unfortunately I’m not logging that.