Reader SDK authorization for location issue

When authorizing the Reader SDK for a location, we always get a valid authorization code for createMobileAuthorizationCode. However, when a Square account only has one ACTIVE location, there are times that when we then run the getAuthorizedLocationAsync() it gives error rn_auth_location_not_authorized .

Doing a deauthorization and then authorize again, sometimes, solves the issue.

Why would this error occur when mobile auth for the one location succeeds, but then the SDK gives an error?

Do you have a time of when this happened and what’s the location_id and application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t have a specific time, other than just before I opened this question. I was testing it because one of our users encountered the error several hours before that, for which I do not have the location id.

For the one I was testing with the loc id = LTCD26PPHQ79D
Our app id = sq0idp-L1CoqB2xfHuXCVW3y9X64A