React Native app not finding stand after update to version 1.6.2 of the SDK

After updating to version 1.6.2 of the SDK, our React Native app is no longer recognizing the Square Stand. Both chip and mag readers do work fine still after upgrade. All 4 required protocols are defined, so can only think of it being related to the new SDK.

Is there anything besides the protocols that needs to be done to get the stand recognized?

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The protocols are the only thing that the needs to be added to recognize the Stand. Do you have a crash log? :slightly_smiling_face:

We have an ios app and get the exact same issue with both the new and the old stand- when we drop in the new sdk - 1.6.0 works fine- 1.6.2 does not (nor does 1.6.1). The stand is just dead- seems to be charging though- something is wrong and needs looking at!!!

Square reader works fine

Protocols have not change in the target and there are no crash logs - it’s not crashing it’s just not recognizing it-

@TheDude Were you able to get it to work with the Stand? If so would you mind sharing what you found since we’re seeing another report of this? If it’s still not working do you have the crash logs? :slightly_smiling_face:

Original Poster is off hours right now. However I work with them.

No, still no stand detection with newest SDK. Can confirm reverting to previous SDK does allow detection. So it something in new SDK.

As for logs, will need to wait for OP to be back on duty. They’re located in the Taiwan Standard Time Zone.

Works with 1.6.0 for us but not 1.6.2 - as well - no logs coz it’s not crashing- at least what we can see —

Same for us. Nothing crashes so no logs. We use BugSnag as well, nothing coming through that either. Simply doesn’t see the Stand when the sdk is executed.

Okay, thanks for the additional details. The team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@suiteRetail Are you using React Native too?

Also are any of you able to reproduce this issue with the sample app outside of React Native? :slightly_smiling_face:

No - we use xcode/obj-c. some swift. so its a native iOS app. the issue seems to lay in the SDK. We tried reproducing the issue using square pos sdk to no avail (using latest version of the square app) - that connects just fine. I am not sure if your square pos app uses the same sdk as us or not.

Okay, are you able to replicate the issue with the Reader SDK sample app? :slightly_smiling_face:

Tried to catch any errors to log, but no SDK errors are thrown. It simply doesn’t recognize Stand is attached and when initiating a payment opens the popup asking for manual input or connecting a device.

okay. here is what we did. our app (ios) works fine with 1.6.0 not with 1.6.2. we tried their sample app and dropped in 1.6.2 and it did not work. we then dropped in 1.6.0 and it worked. if you go to SUITEPOS BLACK DOWNLOAD - SuiteRetail (the 3rd download on that page) you can download their sample and and will see that it will not work (running 1.6.2). If I created the same with 1.6.0 it will work.

Based on this the issue is either in the sdk or the firmware of the device or with something we need to set (and their app needs to set) to make it work.

We have communicated this to Square - and apparently they are working on it.

Of note - their app at first didnt work with either 1.6.0 or 1.6.2 - that was because the device external accessory protocols were not including in info.pfile (they really should be). I am wondering now if 1.6.2 does not recognize these accessory protocols at all - only square can answer that.

But right now, not a good situation to be in.

as a fyi for all. we took their sample app and dropped in 1.6.0. it works fine. we then dropped in 1.6.2 and it does not. the issue is the sdk or firmware I am guess on the stands. it is not the app thats integrated to it unless there is something we are supposed to pass which is not documented —

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Bump as waiting for any progress.

:wave: The team is still working on this. I’ll be sure to reach out with any updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a FYI… Yes, this is getting critical with ios 16 being out for iphone and coming out for ipad (readers dont work with ios 16). The good news is that they (square) have replicated it - it seems.