Python SDK Setup Tutorial

I am trying to set up the Python SDK on my Windows computer. When I use pip install squareup it tells me I have successfully installed, but when I python command the file I am using, it says that:

File “”, line 1, in
from square.client import Client
ImportError: No module named square.client

Is there a resource than can help with general set up and first steps with the Python SDK.

Is your pip looking at the same version of Python you’re using? If you do:

pip -V
python -V

does it show the same version of python for both? If not, your pip is installing it for the wrong python version. I believe to ensure pip is using the same as python, you can do something like python -m pip install squareup. Let me know if that doesn’t help of course.

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Updating my version of Python to 3.7 from 2.7 did the trick! I think it was fixing the issue you pointed out here. Thanks!

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