Prevent non-team member transactions


We have quite a significant issue with Square POS and not sure if there is a fix.

Pretty much what’s happening is - some of our team members end up creating their own square account instead of through the link we sent the Square dashboard.

The POS API doesn’t seem to validate the user with our account, through the applicationId, package fingerprint or bundle id’s that are connected to our Square account.
So we’ve had a couple of team members who have been processing transactions into their own account.

Is there anyway to prevent the POS API from working if the user logged into the square account is not related to the applicationId within the API call?

If you pass in the location_id that you want the payment to go to in with the payment request the application will only process the payment for that location as long as that’s the location that’s logged into on the device. This will ensure that team members are processing payments on the correct Square account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect, i’ll look into that! Thanks