POS App not opening from Firefox

Hello everyone,

An user of my client’s web application contacted us earlier reporting having issues starting the Square POS App from the Firefox mobile browser in his Android device.

So, I downloaded Firefox 91.2.0 in my own Android device and found that the user’s reports are true, the application is not starting using the intent request (as shown in your build mobile web guide)

It seems like there is something wrong with Firefox and the way it handles these intent requests, since I tested opening the Square POS App with other browsers in the same device and had no issue. I’m not seeing the Android icon in Firefox that is supposed to start the native Square POS App.
I made a bit of research in Stack Overflow and other forums but haven’t found an answer on how to fix this issue.

Could you guys take a look at this on your end?

Android version: 9
Firefox Version: 91.2.0

Thanks! :beers:


I don’t see any replies from Square. Is this thread monitored? Any update with this?

Is this with API V1 or V2?

Hi there, I’m having same issue with API_VERSION=v2, did you find a way to fix it?


I looking for the same Solution Buddy!

Hey i was trying that too but can’t do that don’t know why could you share me suggestion if you don’t mind.

Hey all, we’re working on reproducing this error and investigating — thanks for your patience!

Hi all, do you mind sharing what version of Firefox you’re seeing this occur on?

Hi Josh, for me is in Firefox Version 96.2.0 in Android.

Is there any progress in this problem?

Hi There, having same problem, someone was able to resolve it?

FF Version 125.3.0

Are you getting any errors? :slightly_smiling_face: