Point of Sale API New Android Failure

I’ve got a user encountering this error message on Android, using Chrome in a web app that implements the Point of Sale API.

Point of Sale API must be started with startActivityForResult() in the same task. It looks like the caller either used startActivity() or used startActivityForResult() from a finished activity or with the FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK flag

The user has previously used the same device with no issues and verified that the Square POS app is logged in and working. Also, the usual logout/login, reboot device, etc. steps had no effect. I’m not in the same city as the user, so having to remotely debug and attempt to reproduce, so far with no luck.

Hi @cunningryan welcome to the forums!

Do you know if this started happening after an update (like either Android OS or POS app itself)? Can you confirm what device, OS, and Square POS version (not the API/SDK, but the base POS application from the play store) the user is using?

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My assumption is an OS or Chrome update is the difference-maker. I’m trying to get my android test device to reproduce after some updates. Our POS web app itself hasn’t changed in this time period, though.

I don’t have all the info on the device yet (just that it’s an Android device), but I’ll reach out today for that info.

I did get some more info (below). Another device, with the same Square/Chrome versions isn’t having any issues.

  • Square POS: 5.54
  • Chrome: 87.0.4280.101
  • Device: LG Stylo 5
  • Android 10, Q720C520b

So far I haven’t been able to replicate unfortunately. Could you provide your application id and the location_id where it happens? I can try to see if our logs reveals anything.

Sure thing! Thanks. The only thing in relation to this that we’ve found via Googling is a StackOverflow post or two mentioning issues from the Square POS app side, but only things from 2017.

application id: sq0idp-7Cg7prwG4ShBv_lTbuQtYA
location_id: LE2SD8BNFZZ9D

I’ll also mention that we’re in-process of developing a dedicated mobile app w/ the Reader SDK, but not quite ready for launch yet. This one user having the issue is likely to get a test build sooner than planned, at this point, though. :sweat_smile: