Populating and viewing note and reference_id fields

I’m using the relevant Gravity Forms plugin for Wordpress to create transactions. One of the features of the plugin is that I can provide custom content for a couple of the fields accepted by the Create Payment endpoint.

When I provide data for the “note” field, the only place that shows up in the transactions (sandbox) dashboard is as the clickable “title” of the transaction. Selecting the transaction to view its details doesn’t show the note at all. This seems odd, given that the note can be up to 500 characters long. Is there no way to view the full text of the populated note?

The populated reference_id shows up nowhere in the dashboard UI, and the information pushed into neither of these fields shows up in the CSV transaction export.

This is pretty limiting. Am I missing something here?

:wave: The full 500 character note is available in the Dashboard when you click on the transaction. However you are using one of our partner integrations that was built by Gravity Forms. I’d recommend reaching out to them for assistance since all API functions are managed by them.

The reference_id currently isn’t available in the Seller Dashboard or the transactions CSV. Currently it’s only returned in the API response. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am attaching a partial screenshot of what I see in the dashboard when I click on the transaction (order source blocked out). All I get is this small flyout, with very little info populated. No notes field, as you can see?

Could you provide the Square ID for the payment so I can see where the note is being attached? :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe the ID is LTfO7bMGuRAXoV8kWWLNyL60DeNZY

Is there no update on this question?

Hi @datawench, sorry about the delay. It looks like the Gravity Forms plugin is using a very old version of our APIs and there have been changes to the note and how it populates to the seller Dashboard. In order to have the note that was collected from Gravity Forms show in the seller Dashboard they will need to update the version of the API.

Thank you @Bryan-Square, that’s very helpful. I’ll take up the question with Gravity Forms.

Glad you like it. We have been using this for several weeks now and it seems to be going nicely!