Please add additional sandbox test cards for SCA

Please add additional test cards for SCA. Specifically, we’d like a saved card nonce that would require verification (for testing create payment when verification doesn’t occur (but should)). We’d also like to have a card that requires authentication to set up / save the card but not after that (like Stripe’s 4000 0025 0000 3155) for payments.

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@billig el I Appriciate your work

Seconded! It’s impossible to test offline payments with an SCA card right now. You can do a real time payment, or set up the card, but any subsequent attempts to charge without buyer verification fail.

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@RichMercer Yes, which limits the test scenarios available to us. Test coverage is definitely important, especially when dealing with payments.

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We’re constantly working to improve our products and services based on the feedback we receive from customers. I’ll be sure to share this with the appropriate team.

@Bryan-Square, thank you. Yes, y’all do a great job communicating with developers and taking in feedback. Having a Slack workspace is really nice.