Payments - api issue when saving a card on file with SCA

I am using web-payments to tokenize a card in sandbox environment. After that I am using the payments api to charge the token and I am using the payment id to save the card on file.
It is working for normal cards when I dont have to use the verifyBuyer() to create a verification token as well.
But I am not able to save the cards on file for which I have already used the verifyBuyer() to charge the tokens.
I am getting this response from v2/cards api -

“errors”: [
“detail”: “Card declined. A verification is required to process this payment. See for more information.”


:wave: The verification_token is a one time use token so you’ll need to call verifyBuyer again with the intent to STORE with the payment_id. Once you have the new verification_token you’ll then be able to save the card on file with the payment_id. :slightly_smiling_face: