Periodic 503 errors

Hi - we’re periodically getting 503 errors with response “upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure”

That’s about 49 over the past day. 503s happens mostly with the payout entries and sometimes with the payouts endpoints.
Anyone have an idea of why this could be happening?

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Hi there :wave: Can you let me know what your Application ID is (not your Access Token)? Also, are these requests being made through one of Square’s SDKs, or are you hitting the endpoint yourself directly?

Hi Josh, We are using sdk and our App Id - sq0idp-BzON0fPfb3wuay5pXINB6A

Thanks for the context! We’re looking into this.

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Hi @josh-square, could you please provide an update on this please?

Hey @Sameer, is the account that you’re making these requests for still active? I took a look at the account application sq0idp-BzON0fPfb3wuay5pXINB6A is on, and I’m only seeing deleted locations.

Also, are you able to make requests to any other of Square’s APIs successfully (e.g. Payments)?

Hi @josh-square , We are fetching payouts of other accounts using sdk. We are able to make successful request to Payout api most of the time.
Yes, we are able to fetch payments for the same accounts

Just to make sure I’m on the same page here — are you able to use application ID sq0idp-BzON0fPfb3wuay5pXINB6A to make requests to Square’s other APIs? Or are you using a different app ID for these?

The App id is correct. You can check the API logs for the same app id and you can a lot of 503 errors.
We are using sdk and creating connection using connected client’s access token.

We have received successful response for 16,570,843 request in last week out of which 60 were 500 errors

Thanks for the clarification! From what you can tell, is there any pattern to what access tokens you’re getting 503 errors for? If so, it’s possible this is a result of revoked access tokens, in which case you’d need to re-auth on these accounts.

Hi @josh-square It can’t be because of revoked access token because we get this error after few successful calls.
As per ours logs, after getting few successful responses from api, the api doesn’t respond for a minute and instead of expected response we get 503 error with error message “upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure”

Gotcha, makes sense! I’ll pass this info along to the team and see if they have any insights into what the cause might be.

Hi @Sameer the data that we’re getting back from our internal logs for these is limited, so do you mind providing us with some additional information about these failing requests?

  • What’s an example of a Location ID that you’re using for the request?
  • What query parameters are you using?