Payment Tokenization failed - in sandbox and production


I run a low volume photography ecommerce website. I’m the photographer and the developer.

I’ve had a working Square integration since December. However, I am no longer able to take payments. I am getting: “Tokenization has failed An unknown error has occurred” on all attempts to tokenize payments, in production or sandbox.

I’m the only programmer - I know no code of ours has been changed in this area. I just checked the git history for the related files to confirm. I haven’t changed anything since I got this all in place 5 months ago.

I’m receiving a 400 BAD REQUEST response.

The error message is: “Tokenization has failed An unknown error has occurred”.

This is the tokenize request body sent by the square js library:

This is the error response received:

These are the response headers:

These are the Square sandbox environment variables I am using:

I’ve seen another developer reported intermittent issues back on 24 March - but mine are 100% failure. No sandbox transactions are going through and I’ve not had a successful eCommerce Integration sourced transaction since the 18th of April - customers are emailing me in frustration.

I’m hoping there’s a simple fix … thanks for any insight!


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Is your page publicly hosted? If so what’s the URL so we can take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

The production site is. (The sandbox site is a local test server, not exposed online). It’s part of a large SPA. I’ve created a test account for you and built a simple cart:

User Name: squaretest
PW: square

When you hit this link, you’ll be prompted to login:

The cart will be displayed. If you click the Payment Link:

The payment dialog will be displayed.

The source for the SPA is all served in one large bundle, but not obfuscated/minified.

There is an object called paymentHandlers which basically defines the tenders (creditcard, googlepay, applepay) and their square methods. I starts at

Line 43270

Here are a couple of functions in that object you may want to break point:

Initialize Square Credit card payment type
Line 43787

Tokenize Payment
Line 43828

Thank your for having a look - I hope you’re able to spot something!


Looks like the issue is that your using an unsupported version of the Web Payments SDK. You’ll need to point to a supported version which is :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for pointing that out! Sounds simple enough. :laughing:

Is there a canonical place I can look for the sandbox and production URLs? I feel like I’ve seen them, but I’ve been looking on the site and in the docs and they’re not jumping out at me.

So things are working in sandbox … but still not in production. I’ve not been able to successfully use the production environment on my deployed online server or my in-house development machine. But sandbox is working in-house without issue.

I’m still getting a 400 response from a tokenization request with the following response:


Here is the request data being POSTed:

I’m using:


As the script source.

Is there something else I should be looking at?


Have you searched the entire code base for the old version? :slightly_smiling_face:

Whatever it was, it’s working now. I was just able to complete a purchase on the live site and see the transaction in my Square Dashboard.

Hopefully it continues working! :crossed_fingers:


Glad to here its working as expected. :slightly_smiling_face: