Payment Status detailed information

I would like to know the details of the different status of a payment as you have it for the orders

Do you have something like that, I know are self descriptive but I want to be sure what a PENDING payment means and the difference between APPROVED and COMPLETED for example, Thanks.

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The status of a payment in Square’s system can be one of the following:

  1. APPROVED: The payment is authorized and awaiting completion or cancellation. This status is typically seen when a payment is created with autocomplete set to false. This means the payment has been authorized but not yet captured.

  2. COMPLETED: The payment is captured and funds are credited to the seller. This is the final state of a successful payment.

  3. CANCELED: The payment is canceled and the payment card funds are released. This status is seen when an approved payment is canceled before it is captured.

  4. FAILED: The payment request is declined by the bank. This status indicates that the payment could not be processed for some reason, such as insufficient funds in the customer’s account or the card being reported as lost or stolen.

  5. PENDING: The Payments API processes ACH payments asynchronously. As a result, it triggers a payment.updated webhook with the status of PENDING and when the payment completes or fails, it updates to COMPLETED or FAILED.

The difference between ACCEPTED and COMPLETED is that ACCEPTED is not a valid payment status in Square’s system. Perhaps you’re referring to APPROVED, which means the payment has been authorized but not yet captured. On the other hand, COMPLETED means the payment has been successfully captured and the transaction is complete.

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