PAYMENT_METHOD_ERROR when deployed code on production i am getting error with code : TRANSACTION_LIMIT

Hi, I am using WEB SDK in PHP laravel and it is working fine with sandbox, but when deployed the code on production and using real card details for make a payment. I am getting this error. Please provide the solution. and if need anything from me please let us know. i have try to find solution but did not get. Note card is proper working.

[{“category”:“PAYMENT_METHOD_ERROR”,“code”:“TRANSACTION_LIMIT”,“detail”:“Authorization error: ‘TRANSACTION_LIMIT’”}]

The TRANSACTION_LIMIT error means the card issuer has determined the payment amount is either too high or too low. The API returns the error code mostly for credit cards (for example, the card reached the credit limit). However, sometimes the issuer bank can indicate the error for debit or prepaid cards (for example, card has insufficient funds). :slightly_smiling_face: