Web Payments SDK - Successful Payment Log - No green checkmark

Hello folks,

I am using the Quickstart sample project. I am able to complete the whole process, getting the right transaction on the API logs but I am not the getting the green checkmark which tells me it is an simple mistake on the response.

What will the response from the backend be?

I am using a Laravel for the backend in the front end is just a HTML copy and paste your code.

On your PHP SDK I did:

$apiResponse = $paymentsApi->createPayment($body);
print_r( $apiResponse->getResult() );

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciate it.

The response from the server in PHP would b something along the lines of:

  if ($response->isSuccess()) {
    echo json_encode($response->getResult());

Hey Bryan. Thanks for the response. That was the first think I did and and for some reason didn’t work, so it may be something related with Laravel. I have been working with your API for a couple of weeks and created most of the features I needed, I just wanted to make the example work, so I’ll try something else. Thanks again.

Hi There, I am trying to integrate the web payment sdk in Laravel. I am new to Laravel and this is my first project. Please can you guide me as how to run this project with laravel?? I am getting errors when I copy paste your code and give my env credentials. I don’t see the field for taking in the credit card data