Pay Order In Increments

Here is the scenario we would like to achieve.


  • Order Total: $100
  • 4 payments (eg 1 a month for 4 months) of $25
  • Have those 4 payments be captured immediately when they are taken, not just “authorized”

The problem we have is that if the payment total doesn’t equal the order total, the API gives an error that the totals don’t match. If we use the partial payments, it seems the payments are just “authorized”.

Is there a way to accomplish this functionality?

Currently, completing payments immediately to for split payments on an order like in your example isn’t possible at this time. Also AUTHORIZED payments will void after 7 days so the above example isn’t currently possible. :slight_smile:

I would have thought you’d save the card, and keep the token and make the payments using the saved card token. Examples for the Square side of this are on github.

I’m not sure exactly how this fits in with the order functionality, so you’d need to test that; you may need to adapt how you hande the order somehow (eg achieving the order outside of Square) and I have both no real idea of how orders work and of your internal requiremnts so can’t comment there meaningfully.

You’d need to ensure the customer was appropriately informed and consenting to the arrangement of course, and to be keeping that on file somehow, but I’m guessing you already have that in hand.