Partial payment in terminal api checkout - steps after?

If I send to a terminal for checkout/payment and the customer uses a gift card for partial payment, will it automatically ask for the remaining or do I need to send another checkout to terminal?

Additionally - in that scenario do I then need to mark the payments as complete behind the scenes since they were partial and wouldn’t have autocomplete set to true?

(since I can’t test partial payment in sandbox it makes it very difficult to develop towards this…)

wonder if this answer is known by anyone? I’m not at the point yet where I can test it in production but will be very soon. Would it be better if I emailed into support?

Hey there! You’ll need to create another checkout request to pay for the remaining amount. After the checkouts have been paid, you’ll need to call PayOrder to complete the order.

So if I keep track of the payment IDs and the amount approved via the payment.created webhook, and then after the total amount approved among the payments equals the total in our system then I can call PayOrder with those payment IDs.

I will have already created the order with the fulfillment in square - will this cause issues having the fulfillment on there already? The docs are unclear.

EDIT: nevermind - I’m pretty sure it will just not mark the order as complete since it has a pickup fulfillment.

You got it! The order will not be set to COMPLETED while there is still a pending fulfillment for it.