Orders, Payment, Tender, Inventory Question

With the API, I create a customer order. I then try to pay it. If it is successful, the inventory count goes down. If it is an unsuccessful tender (e.g. FAILED), the inventory count still goes down.

For unsuccessful tenders, this is not the expected behavior.

Is this a bug?

Is there a recommended solution?


P.S. I’ve tried to set an order to CANCELED, to see if that would increase the inventory, but that doesn’t seem to be possible…

Can you share an order_id and payment_id where you experienced this? I haven’t been able to replicate this. I created an order with an catalog object id then:

  1. Created a payment with wrong amount (stock didn’t change)
  2. Created a payment with the right amount, but bad card decline (stock didn’t change)
  3. Created a payment with the right amount and real card (stock did change)

OK, I might have been mistaken on this. There might have been sales through the POS that I wasn’t aware.