Order with the same multiplier added several times

My restaurant has items like “Pizza” with different variations and extras like “Extra Cheese”, “Extra Olives” that can be added to any variation. These extras can be added several times: “Hawaiian Pizza with two Extra pineapples”. So how should I design this on Square?

Atm, my items are Square Items.
And my extras are Square Modifiers.

But the problem is that i can’t CreateOrder with the same modifier added multiple times. I get Duplicate catalog object ID found in response.

At the same time i can see here people are suggesting this approach as a temporary workaround to modifiers quantity absense.

So two questions here:

  1. is this workaround still valid and I’m just missing something or the CreateOrder endpoint has changed?
  2. if the endpoint has changed how should I approach and design my data domain?

Unfortunately that’s correct - there’s no way to use quantities for modifiers currently. I believe (might be mistaken) in that thread they’re implying creating ad-hoc modifiers (so just writing a name, rather than actually choosing a modifier), so in CreateOrder you could add multiple ad-hoc modifiers without an id. This is not a great solution, but if it works for you, then that’s great :slight_smile:. With that said, there’s not really a better way to do this since quantities are not allowed.